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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpencepence /pens/ noun British English  PEC (abbreviation p) a plural of penny a few pence a 20 pence stamp
Examples from the Corpus
penceEarnings per share rose by 173.8% to 30.2 pence.Shares rose as much as 8. 5 pence to 192. 5p, their highest since Dec. 3,1991.One full course of treatment costs as little as 5 pence, and can save a life.Wireless's share price fell 5 pence to 453.The dividend was boosted 11 percent to 2. 7 pence a share from 2. 43 pence a year ago.The artist receives 88 pence, the producer and publisher another 88 between them.Price 30.9.86; the price in pence of the shares on the date specified.Granada shares fell three pence to 642 pence.