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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsingle currencyˌsingle ˈcurrency noun [singular]  PECa unit of money that is shared by several different countries Europe is moving steadily towards a single currency.
Examples from the Corpus
single currencyIf at some stage we entered into a single currency, we should have to deal with a different matter.The engine that is meant to pull the unity Euro-train is a single currency.The Leader of the Opposition previously expressed three conditions for joining a single currency.I believe that it is possible to have a perfectly satisfactory single market without a single currency.It came at a moment when skepticism over the pace toward full economic union and the single currency has been mounting.One of these is, of course, the single currency.Countries that meet this criteria by 1998 will qualify for the single currency.Few, though, believe Britain will join the single currency when it is scheduled to begin in January 1999.