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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyenyen /jen/ noun  1 [countable] (plural yen)PEC the standard unit of money in Japan: symbol ¥2 the yen3 [singular]WANT a strong desireyen for a yen for foreign travelyen to do something She’d always had a yen to write a book.
Examples from the Corpus
yenYou may have a yen to go to a real pub.yen to do somethingIt fell 1 yen to 910 yen.Trading house Nissho Iwai Corp. stock rose 38 yen to 581 yen -- the highest close since January 9,1992.Smelting rose 4 yen to 436.Honda Motor Co. lost as much as 40 yen to 2,310.Sumitomo Metal Mining shares fell 40 yen to 1,000.Sakura bank fell as much as 50 yen to 1,190 yen.Dad was only sixty, a journalist with a yen to write a book.This, in turn, has helped government-bond yields to rise and the yen to appreciate.