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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcartoncar‧ton /ˈkɑːtn $ ˈkɑːrtn/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 carton.jpg Da small box made of cardboard or plastic that contains food or a drinkcarton of a carton of fruit juice a milk carton2 especially American EnglishD a large container with smaller containers of goods inside itcarton of a carton of cigarettes
Examples from the Corpus
cartonCould you pick up a carton of Trues?Amid all the dust and the commerce we come upon a guy stationed at a cardboard carton desk.Seen the Camel ad witha guy racing to his shelter as a meteorite approaches, grasping nothing but his cigarette carton?As he straightened up he seemed to have left his heart on the floor with the empty ice-cream carton.I get the milk carton from the window and pour it over my cornflakes.There's a lump of ice floating in the carton.The petrol stove was roaring under a steaming kettle, sheltered by three sides of an unfolded carton.He feels sadness in objects, in warehouse cartons and blood-soaked clothes.carton ofHow many packs come in a carton of cigarettes?a carton of eggs