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catchcatch2 ●●○ noun  1 [countable]HOLD an act of catching a ball that has been thrown or hit Hey! Nice catch!2 [countable usually singular] informalPROBLEM a hidden problem or difficulty This deal looks too good to be true – there must be a catch somewhere.the catch is (that) The catch is that you can’t enter the competition unless you’ve spent $100 in the store.3 [countable]D a hook or something similar for fastening a door or lid and keeping it shut4 [countable]TA a quantity of fish that has been caught at one time5 [uncountable]DG a simple game in which two or more people throw a ball to each other Let’s go outside and play catch. 6 a catch in your voice/throat7 a (good) catch
Examples from the Corpus
catchEx-Chiefs wideout Willie Davis has turned five of his 22 catches into touchdowns.A tall, fair woman with legs as long as Julia Roberts', she would be a catch for his grand party.There is a catch, however!You get free meals and accommodation, but there's a catch -- you have to look after the children.Many of the best deals come with a catch: they are only good through early summer.The deal comes with a catch - you have to buy one before June.Each morning, Troy goes down to the fish market to inspect the daily catch.That was a great catch!Anglers can take home limit or near limit catches daily.I read to him, played catch in the alley and taught him how to ride his new bike.Certainly in his bachelor days Johnnie Spencer was the catch of the county.The catch is that you can't enter the contest unless you have spent $50 in the store.The catch on my necklace is broken.The men fish and sell their catch along the little promenade.the catch is (that)Gulls circle as the catch is spilt on to the quay and arranged for auction on the following day.But the catch is that heat pumps work best when it is not real cold outside.Parents say the catch is that they have to be careful not to be too focused on these children.