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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrepe paperˌcrepe ˈpaper / $ ˈ. ˌ../ noun [uncountable]  DDECORATEa type of thin brightly coloured paper that stretches slightly and is used for making decorations
Examples from the Corpus
crepe paperBut we had had to make do with black crepe paper, which was the next best thing.A woman was standing on its top step, hanging strips of colored crepe paper from the ceiling.Cover the sticky tape with green crepe paper.When she smiled, her wide mouth pushed her cheeks into a series of tiny wrinkles like those in crepe paper.Like a sheet of crepe paper, the wooden house burst into flames and burned to the ground in minutes.Note the crepe paper tape which can be used to lay down lines of various widths.Each team was provided with crepe paper, pins, a needle, rubber band, a doily and a paper plate.