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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrapedrape /dreɪp/ ●○○ verb [transitive]  1 COVERto put something somewhere so that it hangs or lies looselydrape something over/around/across something He took off his coat and draped it over a chair. Mina lay back, her arms draped lazily over the cushions.2 DCOVERto cover or decorate something with a clothdrape something over/around something Jack emerged with a towel draped around him.drape something with/in something The soldiers’ coffins were draped with American flags.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
drapeAcross his shoulders was draped a fur collared waterproof and on his hands were those tiny stringy driving gloves.This she draped over the line, pinning it with a row of clothes pegs.She woke in a strange room, facing a dressing-table with a scarf just like Geoffrey's draped over the mirror.Chaises are draped with fringed throws.Hotels were draped with patriotic bunting.You draped your best cummerbund over the lampshade?