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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisherasere‧ras‧er /ɪˈreɪzə $ -sər/ ●●● noun [countable]  eraser.jpg Da small piece of rubber that you use to remove pencil or pen marks from paper syn rubber British English
Examples from the Corpus
eraserExperiment 2 Suppose one of us tossed an eraser to you.Each notebook has 48 pages and comes with its own pencil and eraser.Roald Dahl sat in a garden shed with an array of pencils and erasers on a board across his knees.The best solution is a bulk eraser that can take both sizes of floppy disk.There was a Bic pen and a snap wallet, some Tums, and a rhinoceros-head eraser.The electric current has been set to confuse a small brain area, about the size of a pencil eraser.I then deliberately smudge the area with my fingers and pick out the highlights with a plastic eraser.All it takes is some one to help, some one who cares, and the eraser of time.