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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishFilofaxFi‧lo‧fax /ˈfaɪləfæks/ noun [countable] trademark  DBa small book for writing addresses, things you must do etc, which has pages you can add or removepersonal organizer
Examples from the Corpus
FilofaxIt was a time when the builder carried a Filofax and the client a pocketful of nails.But secretly Keith feels a black man with a Filofax looks stupid.Keith is looking at his Filofax.Keith is always forgetting his Filofax.Keith realizes he left his Filofax at home.Losing his Filofax all the time is a problem.This works like an individual Filofax where copies of appraisals and checklists of personal targets set by the employee are included.Couldn't we just throw away our Filofaxes for one afternoon and live a little?