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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfitnessfit‧ness /ˈfɪtnəs/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 HEALTHYwhen you are healthy and strong enough to do hard work or play sports an exercise programme to improve your fitness Running marathons requires a high level of physical fitness.2 SUITABLEthe degree to which someone or something is suitable or good enough for a particular situation or purposefitness for He questioned McNeil’s fitness for high office.fitness to do something The doctor will first determine your fitness to receive the anaesthetic.COLLOCATIONSverbsimprove your fitnessYou can improve your fitness by going for a daily run.increase your fitnessAerobic exercise, such as jogging or cycling, will increase your fitness.work on your fitness (=try to improve your fitness)He's working on his fitness in preparation for the New York marathon.maintain your fitness (=keep your body at a good level of fitness)She worked hard to maintain her fitness while pregnant.adjectivesphysical fitness (=how healthy your body is)You need a reasonable level of physical fitness for this job.general fitnessSwimming is good for your mobility and general fitness.personal fitnessThe gym offers personal fitness training by professionals.fitness + NOUNfitness levelsHis fitness levels are as good as someone much younger.a fitness programme British English, a fitness program American English:Get working on a fitness programme to suit you.fitness trainingThe players have to do a lot of fitness training.a fitness instructorHe was offered work as a fitness instructor.a fitness roomOther facilities in the hotel include a fitness room and a sauna.fitness equipmentWe sell a range of exercise and fitness equipment for the home.a fitness fanatic informal (=someone who likes exercising a lot)My son's something of a fitness fanatic, and works out every day.a fitness test (=an examination to see if a sports player is fully fit)Chris Pike is facing a fitness test before tomorrow's match.phraseshealth and fitnessbooks about health and fitness
Examples from the Corpus
fitnessI liked him instantly, especially as he was a fitness fanatic and his body was solid and taut.Experience, training and fitness sets hotshots apart from so-called Type 2 crews, the infantry of firefighting.Let's hope he is able to get in some training at his field hospital so that he at least stays in touch with his fitness.Strategies that maximize the individual fitness component may be termed selfish.Greater levels of fitness and better team organisation are two of the more obvious modern achievements.The vital combination of technique, fitness and mental strength had all noticeably progressed.Join a health club to improve your fitness.physical fitnessA surge of participation in evening classes and sports is as much about a search for companionship as mental and physical fitness.Too many hours in front of the computer screen can destroy physical fitness.Nupa emphasized physical fitness and organized discipline.Stamina, flexibility, sharp reflexes and general physical fitness are required to perform the fighting movements with ease.Then there was the small matter of my physical fitness.Once we started trekking we soon discovered that mental attitude and camaraderie were far more important than physical fitness.Teeth Dental health is an important ingredient of total physical fitness.Nearby stood the gymnasium, where physical fitness was combined with intellectual discourse.fitness to do somethingDemocratic contender Paul Tsongas added fitness to his campaign and took to the swimming pool to improve his image.It is a particularly relevant question for those of us who, each season, must find fitness to pursue our sports.The best Scourie brown trout lochs require a fair degree of fitness to reach.The Court of Appeal in finding against merchantability laid emphasis upon the reasonableness of the degree of fitness to be expected.Wyatt questioned Lindsey's fitness to serve as judge.Roman portraits of public figures emphasised their subjects' fitness to hold public office and their personal authority as heads of families.All civilians possessing army-distributed guns must return them and undergo physical and psychological tests to determine their fitness to bear arms.The great hunters of our people know the animals of the forest and they persuade them of their fitness to kill.He/she will decide on your fitness to receive the anaesthetic.