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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfoolscapfools‧cap /ˈfuːlskæp/ noun [uncountable]  DTCa large size of paper, especially paper for writing on
Examples from the Corpus
foolscapBut here it is, all five foolscap pages, and it makes quite interesting reading.It was to run to 2,300 pages of foolscap.His hand Has swept the battlefield flat as a sheet of foolscap.William Hunter kept a complete record of the process, occupying eighteen sheets of foolscap in a hurried hand.He has four or five sheets of foolscap, xeroxes, I see, of court documents.Excuse the paper ... it's easier to write a longer letter on foolscap paper!Thomas Foulkes will have their full colour, 28-page foolscap brochure ready for the London Boat Show.Mr Yarrow made a purposeful face and turned foolscap pages before him.