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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforecourtfore‧court /ˈfɔːkɔːt $ ˈfɔːrkɔːrt/ noun [countable] British English  DTBBa large open area in front of a building such as a garage or hotel
Examples from the Corpus
forecourtThere were two cars on the cobbled forecourt.The balcony gave out on to the hotel forecourt, with Nile Avenue and the corner of Pilkington Road beyond.In front of this was usually the atrium or forecourt.We crossed the footbridge and went out into a silent forecourt.Carson parked the Mercedes on the forecourt off the road, and walked around to help Alison out.The porter was expecting them and let Maxim park in an awkward position on the forecourt pavement.On the forecourt stood a horse-drawn van on which was painted the name of a firm of landscape gardeners in flowery script.He walked up the drive to the forecourt.