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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfountain penˈfountain pen noun [countable]  fountain_pen.jpg DTCa pen that you fill with inkballpoint
Examples from the Corpus
fountain penSilver cufflinks are £49.92, and a Waterman 100 fountain pen is £120.Silk tie, £55, silver and gold sun cufflinks, £295, blue and gold fountain pen, £105, Gucci.There was a silence, the Matron, who was a Miss Cress, tapping her fountain pen lightly on the blotter.On Wednesday after the selection committee meeting, I realized I'd left my fountain pen in here.All he can say for certain, therefore, is that Black is writing in a notebook with a red fountain pen.The writer of the best letter each month will be presented with a Montblanc Solitaire fountain pen.