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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgutgut1 /ɡʌt/ ●●○ noun  1 gut reaction/feeling/instinct2 guts3 inside your body a) guts [plural]HBA all the organs in someone’s body, especially when they have come out of their body There were blood and guts all over the place. b) HBA[countable] the tube through which food passes from your stomach syn intestine It can take 72 hours for food to pass through the gut.4 stomach [countable] informal someone’s stomach, especially when it is large syn belly He felt as if someone had just kicked him in the gut. Phil has a huge beer gut (=unattractive fat stomach caused by drinking too much beer).5 string [uncountable]DT a type of strong string made from the intestine of an animal, and used for musical instruments such as violins catgut6 guts7 guts8 work/sweat your guts out9 at gut level10 I’ll have somebody’s guts for garters blood-and-guts, → bust a gut at bust1(3), → hate somebody’s guts at hate1(2), → spill your guts at spill1(4)
Examples from the Corpus
gutHector said forcefully and directly to my father, making my guts jump.He hit me right in the gut.The sterilisation of the gut by the washout can even prevent the cleavage.We can follow gastrulation in the early development of the sea-urchin and actually see the gut forming.Like jellyfish, they have only one opening to their gut through which they both take in food and eject waste.But for those with guts, some of the highest yields around can be found here -- and even an occasional windfall.beer gutAt only seventeen, Lonny already had the beginnings of a beer gut.His beer gut was popping the buttons on his shirt.