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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhand-heldˌhand-ˈheld adjective  DTa hand-held machine is small enough to hold in your hand when you use it a hand-held camera hand-held video games
Examples from the Corpus
hand-heldThe hunter-killer team was equipped with hand-held Apple Newton computers, linked via a small radio to headquarters.New hand-held bags are introduced this season, double handled or single, with or without shoulder straps.A hand-held camera shakily follows him.Software, a Mountain View maker of handwriting software used in hand-held computers.Covert video cameras and hand-held laser devices will be among the equipment used at weekends, they warn.And with its colour graphics screen is the most wanted hand-held machine you can get.Polls show a distinct majority of New Yorkers share Pataki's view and support the ban on hand-held phones.a hand-held video game