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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishindentedin‧dent‧ed /ɪnˈdentɪd/ adjective  CFDan indented edge or surface has cuts or marks in it our deeply indented coastline
Examples from the Corpus
indentedThe ventral arm plates are small, pentagonal with a rounded distal edge, sometimes the distal edge is indented.Don't buy sweet potatoes that appear bruised or have indented areas.It takes 4 days, following a very beautiful rocky and indented coast.The ventral arm plates are pentagonal with an acute proximal angle, a slightly indented distal edge, and separated from one another.Sheer terror shadowed her indented eyes, and yet never would she be caught.The ventral arm plates are irregularly rectangular with indented lateral edges and a rounded distal edge; they are contiguous at least proximally.The subsequent ventral arm plates are pentagonal to bell shaped, separated with a wide curved distal edge and indented lateral edges.Satisfied, he tapped in the combinations and placed his eye against the indented pad.Corms should be two inches below ground, indented side upwards.