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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinflatablein‧fla‧ta‧ble1 /ɪnˈfleɪtəbəl/ adjective  DAIRan inflatable object has to be filled with air before you can use it an inflatable mattress
Examples from the Corpus
inflatableIn their most visible work, astronauts will let loose a retrievable satellite carrying a coffin-sized inflatable antenna.It boosts their image, puffing them up like an inflatable bag of chips.I saw two inflatable dinghies aboard.Axl sings like a yowling inflatable doll that has been wounded and is taking it personally.Like many offshoot sports, the increasingly popular use of inflatable kayaks has its advantages and drawbacks.an inflatable life boatPaul wonders where the inflatable life preserver is.If not a Carley float, then certainly an inflatable rubber dinghy.