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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinkink1 /ɪŋk/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]TCD a coloured liquid that you use for writing, printing, or drawing Please write in black ink.2 [uncountable]HBF the black liquid in sea creatures such as octopuses and squid
Examples from the Corpus
inkPrinting in black tends to be the least expensive as it does not mean that the machinery needs cleaning of black ink.Carkesse believed that madmen vent their rage by words on air, poets by ink on paper.Her name, Beulah, is printed in green ink on a heart-shaped name tag.There being no ink left in the pen, Pooley had pierced the points of his speculation through with defunct matchsticks.Always choose a permanent ink rather than buying the cheapest you can find.He worked on a Diners Club card, removing the ink on the raised letters with a Q-tip doused in polyester resin.But why do I waste ink telling you this?in ... inkA spell is still a spell even when imprisoned temporarily in parchment and ink.Be-side their names he wrote curses in red ink.Her name, Beulah, is printed in green ink on a heart-shaped name tag.I have had a reference to bovine excrement splashed in red ink across an entire manuscript page.On something like paper, drawn in something like ink.Vietcong couriers slipped into Saigon to pick up his reports, which he wrote in invisible ink made from starch.