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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeypadkey‧pad /ˈkiːpæd/ noun [countable]  TDa small box with buttons on it, used to put information into a computer, telephone etc
Examples from the Corpus
keypadInsufficient support is provided for both keyboard and keypad which sag under pressure but the key actions are quite nice.With his keyboard, his keypad, and his mouse, Engelbart embarked on a journey through information itself.There was no keypad to cope with, no combination to be entered.The extra keyboard facilities include both Delete and Edit keys and a numeric keypad but once again the Break function isn't labelled.Users can listen to the spoken messages and direct facsimiles to any machine using the phone keypad.The remote keypad eliminates disturbance to the balance caused when operating the function keys.The keypads, he says, often break because fatigue fractures appear in the circuit boards of phones.John Echols and other inventors at Essex have created various keypads that are impervious to the elements as well as urban vandals.