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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishKleenexKleen‧ex /ˈkliːneks/ noun (plural Kleenex) [countable, uncountable]  trademarkD a tissue a box of Kleenex
Examples from the Corpus
KleenexWe cleaned up with Kleenexes, exchanged phone numbers.Martha tears at a Kleenex in her hands.Hope a month ago, she cries so easily she has to carry Kleenex with her anti-depressants in her purse.She made a fist of what was left of her Kleenex.She folded and refolded her Kleenex into smaller and smaller squares.Anything handed to him had to be wrapped in Kleenex tissues.The second number is for emergencies and I do mean emergencies, not running low on Kleenex.She made do with Kleenex and blotted the black mascara off her face.