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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlatchlatch1 /lætʃ/ noun [countable]  1 DSHUT/CLOSEa small metal or plastic object used to keep a door, gate, or window closed Gwen lifted the latch and opened the gate.2 especially British EnglishDSHUT/CLOSE a type of lock for a door that you can open from the inside by turning a handle, but that you need a key to open from the outsideon the latch (=shut but not locked) Ray went out, leaving the door on the latch.
Examples from the Corpus
latchPut childproof latches on cabinet doors and drawers.Some have side-mounted pullout sections; park the vehicle, flip a few latches and presto, instant living room.Please would you tell the Brigadier that one-five-one is the combination that unlocks the right-hand latch of a black crocodile briefcase.You got just a little latch in there right.A jammed hinge or latch can be freed with a penetrating oil such as Plus Gas.I can still remember the click of the latch as she shut the door behind her.Luce was studying them intently, when the click of the latch told her Michele was back.She glanced at John quickly and then leaned forward, slipped the latch, and pushed it open.The latch clanged loudly as the gate was pulled shut.on the latchHe could see the shadow of Polly's arm on the latch through the crack between the open door and the frame.Just keep the door on the latch.During office hours the main door of Moorlake House was always left on the latch.Anthony came in, his hand resting for a frozen second on the latch as he noticed the room's occupants.