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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlatherla‧ther1 /ˈlɑːðə $ ˈlæðər/ noun [singular, uncountable]  1 Da white mass of bubbles produced by mixing soap in water2 HBAa white mass that forms on a horse’s skin when it has been sweating syn foam3 get in a lather4 in a lather
Examples from the Corpus
latherThe till jangled like a fire alarm, and Croughton the pot-bellied potman was already in a lather.He arrived out of breath and in a lather.The drying lather got up his nose, and he sneezed.That doesn't mean we have to go around in a great lather of gratitude all the time.Massage shampoo well into the roots where grease accumulates and attracts dirt, and let the lather work it own way outwards.Lorton rinsed the lather from his skin and frowned at his clean-shaven face.