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latherlather2 verb  1 [intransitive]D to produce a lather This soap lathers really well.2 [transitive]DCB to cover something with lather→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
latherLast time we tried this, the rain stopped when I was fully lathered.He lathered his face, took out a clean blade, and started scraping off his beard.The small, fat official was soon lathered in sweat.I rinsed the sponge as well as I could, lathered it, squeezed much black water out of it.So I kept my mouth shut even as her hands lathered me in the colour of dirt.Scurrying aft, I had a fast shave, using the pink slime from the soap-dispenser to lather my face.Would he mind it if they lathered up his chest?I turn the water off while I'm lathering up in the shower.Where was all that charm he had lathered with sickening profuseness on Simone?