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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlidlid /lɪd/ ●●● S3 noun  1 lid.jpg cover [countable]DCOVER a cover for the open part of a pot, box, or other containerdustbin/saucepan etc lid the name on the coffin lidlid of He carefully lifted the lid of the box. top1(4)2 eye [countable]HBH an eyelid3 keep a/the lid on something4 put a/the lid on something5 take the lid off something
Examples from the Corpus
lidRather, Sanders said, police officers use the curfew to help keep a lid on crime in troubled areas.When my father threw in the first handful of dirt, I heard the pebbles dance on the coffin lid.Though requiring no cable, the third model still had 10 radio-controlled movements for eyes, lids and hands.His eyes brimmed and his lids went red.Replace lid and shake well, then mix in the chives.a saucepan lidHe undid the three locks and swung back the lid.Up with the lark and wanting to get out of town, I have to keep the lid on my impatience.Sam lifted the lid of his desk and took out a calculator.Where's the lid for this jar?You can often see the eyes move under the lids.Annie, do you know where the lid for the garbage can is?dustbin/saucepan etc lidMelissa heard the sounds of a dustbin lid being replaced and the running of a tap as Eleanor washed her hands.We had been wakened as on my first morning by the hideous 6 a.m. clattering of dustbin lids.Next morning the din from the dustbin lids had hardly subsided when the grim realization drove into my brain.