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linklink2 ●●● S3 W2 AWL noun [countable]  1 CONNECTED WITHa way in which two things or ideas are related to each otherlink between something (and something) the link between drug use and crime There are a number of links between the two theories.2 CONNECTED WITHa relationship or connection between two or more people, countries, organizations etclink between the close link between teacher and studentlink with The company has strong links with big investors.forge/establish links Organizers of the project hope that international links will be forged.3 a person or thing that makes possible a relationship or connection with someone or something elselink with For elderly people, TV is a vital link with the outside world.4 rail/road/telephone etc link5 DTone of the rings in a chain6 link in the chain7 the links8 a special word or picture in an Internet document that you click on to move quickly to another part of the same document or to another documenthyperlink Send an email to the above address to report a broken link (=a link that is not working properly). cuff link, missing link, → weak/weakest link at weak(15)
Examples from the Corpus
linkSome scientists believe there may be a link between caffeine and heart disease.Police are investigating the scene to determine if there are any links with last week's bombing.The material causal links may not always be readily perceivable, but they are there all the same.They were the only link with the people in the field.He is our link to the outside world.The two TV stations are joined by a satellite link.Good telecommunications links can bring them closer to western markets, giving their skilled workers less incentive to emigrate.a telephone link between the two presidentsCertainly that link is strong and clear in the Old Testament Scriptures.It is the verb to bring down that forges the link between the otherwise still nouns and pronoun in the sentence.Rebels bombed the Beira railroad, a vital link between the capital and the port.With such fundamental changes involved, a business can only be as strong as its weakest link.Six devices have been sent to people with links to pest control, farming and hunting in the past fortnight.link between something (and something)Are there any links between the increases in the two types of reporting?As yet links between gender and ethnicity are little understood.Childless, they were free, not constrained - constraining - links between birth and death.Increasingly, links between different network services are being made available by the service providers.Like Cockburn, Hoggett stresses the links between changes in the organization of local government and those of capitalist management.Scientists isolate variables to test; in hermeneutics the links between texts are all important.Through these people, we find that links between deaf people and Royalty and the Aristocracy were quite strong.Two-time winners are not the only links between the old list and the new.link betweenthe link between drug use and crime