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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarkermark‧er /ˈmɑːkə $ ˈmɑːrkər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 SHOW/LET somebody SEE somethingan object, sign etc that shows the position of something He buried the bodies in a single grave with a wooden cross as a marker.2 something which shows that a quality or feature exists or is present syn markmarker of/for antibodies which are a marker of hepatitis the use of slang as a marker of social identity3 (also marker pen British English)DT a large pen with a thick point made of felt, used for marking or drawing things Magic Marker4 put/lay/set down a marker
Examples from the Corpus
markerOthers use a fine marker to write the new letters in an open space on the top of the key.Make sure you use non-toxic glues, markers and other materials if you plan to eat the hard-cooked eggs.A granite marker shows where the battle took place.The book narrates the entire trans-peninsular highway by kilometer marker.He looked again at the scatter of markers, hoping that some system of lines might appear, some focal point.Others were so big and free of obstacles that the drill of placing markers seemed pointless.Both are considered by some as the most reliable markers of disease activity in Crohn's disease.The card was signed with a silver marker.Assessment of intestinal permeability in ulcerative colitis after the ingestion of various markers has yielded conflicting results.marker of/forThe use of immunohistochemical staining as a marker of point mutation has been critically reviewed by Wyndord-Thomas.Some clinicians and microbiologists continue to believe that P cepacia is a marker for, rather than the cause of, pulmonary deterioration.So Paul had a big blue felt marker for days and a red one for nights.Research is currently in progress to detect an accurate genetic marker for the disease.The main marker of her music is her voice.Such events will ring hollow if they are not markers for some-thing larger and deeper that is going on in the school.Both are considered by some as the most reliable markers of disease activity in Crohn's disease.Future advances in technology may disclose other, more sensitive markers of cell proliferation whose predictive accuracy is greater.