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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmasticmas‧tic /ˈmæstɪk/ noun [uncountable]  DTa type of glue that does not crack or break when it is bent
Examples from the Corpus
masticI would be grateful if you can recommend a mastic solution to stick down the blocks. 4.These flat roofing materials fall into three major categories: built-up felt roofing, mastic asphalt and single-ply membranes.Remake the joint if necessary, bedding the overlapping section on a generous bed of silicone-rubber mastic.Apply bitumastic paint Use non-setting mastic to make the new joint.The draftsman should consider not only window glass, but also window frames, window sills, mastic joints, soffits.Similarly, repairs and maintenance should only be carried out by a specialist mastic asphalt contractor.But everything on the inner side of the mastic had to be kept dry.Stick with mastic varnish, then seal with layer of lead foil pressed into wet paint and seal again with lead.