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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmouldmould1 British English, mold American English /məʊld $ moʊld/ ●○○ noun  1 shaped container [countable]DFU a hollow container that you pour a liquid or soft substance into, so that when it becomes solid, it takes the shape of the container Another method, used especially for figures, was to pour the clay into a mould. lime jello in a mould2 type of person [singular]TYPE if someone is in a particular mould, or fits into a particular mould, they have all the attitudes and qualities typical of a type of personfit (into) a mould She didn’t quite fit into the standard ‘high-flying businesswoman’ mould.in the same mould (as somebody/something)/in the mould of somebody/something a socialist intellectual in the mould of Anthony Crosland3 break the mould4 growing substance [uncountable]HBD a soft green, grey, or black substance that grows on food which has been kept too long, and on objects that are in warm wet airmouldy The chemical was used to kill a mold that grows on peanuts. The walls were black with mould. leaf mouldCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 2 & 3verbsbreak the mould (=do things in a completely new way)The program broke the mould of the traditional TV chat show.fit the mould (=be like other things of the same type)She doesn't fit the mould of the stereotypical mother.be in the mould of somebody/something (=to be similar to something)As an actor he is in the mould of Bruce Lee.be cast in a mould (=be very like something )He didn't want to be cast in the mould of being an academic.come from a different/the same mould (=be different from or similar to other things of the same type)He clearly comes from a different mould than his brother.adjectivesthe traditional/classic mould (=the usual way)He was not a conservative in the traditional mould.
Examples from the Corpus
mouldOne pupil envisaged mould as a tiny plant with little legs, which moved from place to place.The internal mould shows the gently-curving suture lines.Cultivation: The planting medium should consist of clay, peat, loam or leaf mould and a good layer of sand.Although not unattractive, he was cut in a rougher mould than his father.Remember too, that a nut going mouldy in air has room for the mould to show as fibres or a crust.He obtained a sample of the mould from Fleming, and discovered that it had been incorrectly identified.What the mould is growing on appears to be a cornflake.The teeth it exposed were greened with mould, and sharpened.