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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnoosenoose /nuːs/ noun  noose.jpg [countable]DT a ring formed by the end of a piece of rope, which closes more tightly as it is pulled, used especially for killing someone by hanging them
Examples from the Corpus
nooseHe felt as if a noose had slipped around his neck.Not so foolish as to put your head in a noose.She found some rope in the corner tossed it over a beam, and made a noose in the other end.Then, alone in his dressing room, he cheerfully prepared a noose with which to hang himself.I could see a noose had been thrown round my neck I'd maybe never get free from.He trussed himself up, with a noose round his neck, then handcuffed himself.The U.S. tightened the economic noose around the dictatorship.They had slid his noose from their necks and freed themselves of him.And it is also the reality that stays my hand from the noose and trap when Kasparov speaks.