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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishovernighto‧ver‧night1 /ˌəʊvəˈnaɪt $ ˌoʊvər-/ ●●○ adverb  1 Dfor or during the night Pam’s staying overnight at my house.2 SUDDENLYsuddenly or surprisingly quickly He became a millionaire overnight.happen/appear/change overnight Reputations are not changed overnight.Do not talk about ‘an overnight’ because overnight is never a noun. It is either an adverb or an adjective.
Examples from the Corpus
overnightSeveral members of the board became millionaires overnight.It was a lost opportunity, but you can't change some people overnight.When radar was directed toward Mercury in the early I960s the situation changed overnight.We stayed overnight in a motor camp in Picton and continued next day, southwards down the east coast to Kaikoura.The volunteers fasted overnight, or for six hours after a light breakfast if the study was carried out in the afternoon.Nothing really worthwhile can be accomplished overnight or without a lot of effort on your part.I got out of bed, and my back had stiffened up overnight to where I could just barely bend.staying overnightWe were staying overnight at Blackburn bothy, which is set in a small wood with a stream wending through it.Spend the evening exploring the honeymoon capital of the world, staying overnight at Your Host Motor Inn.happen/appear/change overnightBut they will not change overnight.He was a patient man: he knew that the attitude of Heads and teachers could not be changed overnight.Here the dislocation seemed to happen overnight.When radar was directed toward Mercury in the early I960s the situation changed overnight.Your footy fortunes can change overnight.It won't happen overnight, but I can assure you it will one day.Though the conditions of supply had changed overnight in October 1981, the conditions of demand for mortgage securities had not.