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padpad2 verb (padded, padding)  1 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]WALK to walk softly and quietlypad across/through/along etc The cat came padding silently back to its home. She padded barefoot down the stairs.see thesaurus at walk2 D[transitive] (also pad (something) out British English) to fill or cover something with a soft material in order to protect it or make it more comfortablepad something with something jackets padded out with a soft cotton filling3 [transitive] American EnglishBTRICK/DECEIVE to dishonestly make bills more expensive than they should be padding the bills of Medicare patients4 [transitive] (also pad (something) out) to make a speech or piece of writing longer by adding unnecessary words or details Don’t pad out your answer to make it seem impressive.pad with His autobiography is padded with boring anecdotes.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
padUnless I see at least a hint of contour, I assume a crotch has been padded.Rhoda padded across the hall into her sister's room.His hunched figure padded across to the desk in the bay and Swod gestured for the police officer to sit down.Michelle got out of bed, and padded across to the window.For the movie, he has to pad his body to make himself look 25 pounds heavier.His first instinct was to pad on back to his room.The last chapter is padded out with an extract from an earlier report.Don't pad out your answer to make it seem impressive.The cat came padding softly across the kitchen floor, and jumped onto my lap.They realized their lawyer was padding the court fees.The A's padded their lead with two more runs.He padded them out with a torn sheet from sick bay to stop them making any noise.They are all padded with foam or sponge.pad across/through/along etcOn the right and the left of my track, padding along in parallel silence were bears.She might under some circumstances be submissive, like these dreary girls you see padding along in the moccasin tracks of hippies.Nigel in his best jeans and sneakers padded along like a puma.He padded across the floor and under the huge tarpaulin where Jekub lived.Polly got out of bed and padded across the room towards it.We padded through those quiet, leafy roads in utter silence.His hunched figure padded across to the desk in the bay and Swod gestured for the police officer to sit down.There was complete silence as we padded through two more streets with walls so bitten away that they looked like lace.