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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_261_bpipepipe1 /paɪp/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 drainpipe.jpg tubeTD a tube through which a liquid or gas flows a water pipe a frozen waste pipe copper pipes A pipe had burst in the kitchen and flooded the floor. drainpipe, windpipe, → exhaust pipe at exhaust2(1)2 tobacco_pipe.jpg for smokingDFT a thing used for smoking tobacco, consisting of a small tube with a container shaped like a bowl at one end Dad was there, smoking his pipe. pipe tobacco3 music a) APMa simple musical instrument like a tube, that you play by blowing panpipes b) APMone of the metal tubes that air passes through when you play an organ c) the pipesAPM bagpipes4 pipe dream5 put/stick that in your pipe and smoke itCOLLOCATIONSNOUN + pipea water pipeBe careful to avoid piercing any water pipes or electricity cables.a gas pipea waste pipeWhat’s the best way to clear a blocked waste pipe?a sewer/sewage pipe (=for removing waste from the human body)verbslay a pipeThey were digging a trench to lay water pipes.block a pipeIt is likely that fat or grease is blocking the waste pipe.a pipe leaksHe complained that a water pipe was leaking in his hotel room.a pipe freezesThat winter was so cold that the pipes froze and we had no water.a pipe burstsA burst pipe can cause major structural damage quite quickly.
Examples from the Corpus
pipeDad has smoked a pipe for years.Gas and drainage pipes had broken as a result of the settlement and there was a risk of further breaks.Silver waited calmly, his pipe in his mouth, as he watched his followers.Gary and I laughed, but Nate just puffed away on his pipe.sewer pipesThe sound of the pipes came back from beyond, and no one was there in the room.It took him three hours to uncover the pipe, the ground was so hard.Up above were the pipes of the cellar ceiling.Passing this liquid through pipes in the radiator allowed it to radiate energy into the cold of space.At the second switchback, a Y in the trail breaks at a big yellow water pipe.Let a little water run in your sink so that your pipes don't freeze.water pipeA water pipe jutted from the sandy village main street another half mile to the east.When nailing or screwing down carpet gripper strips, be careful to avoid piercing any water pipes or electricity cables.The hot water pipes gurgled as they had done for ten years.The programme will involve stripping lead paint from housing, replacing lead water pipes and removing contaminated soil from Tehranmany areas.That night, two major water pipes were blown up, depriving Belfast of its water supplies.Think of our public systems as an infrastructure-like sewers, water pipes, and electrical lines-and the idea of transparency becomes clear.Yes, this location of the water pipe is correct.The water pipes in the kitchen were frozen.smoking ... pipeAll through the afternoon and the evening he went on thinking silently, and smoking pipe after pipe.He was sitting in his chair, smoking a pipe, and my first reaction was not favourable.Nanny Ogg was sitting on a chair just inside the door, smoking her pipe.Father worn out from the beating he had administered, sat on the doorstep smoking his pipe.They used to sit here together for hours, smoking their pipes and chatting.Don King wondered if I was off smoking a pipe somewhere, or something.Supposing the tramp was there behind the clump, she thought, smoking his pipe and waiting to catch her?I have seen few women smoking a pipe.