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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_263_eplugplug1 /plʌɡ/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 electricity a) TEEDa small object at the end of a wire that is used for connecting a piece of electrical equipment to the main supply of electricity The plug on my iron needs changing. an electric plug b) especially British English informalTEED a place on a wall where electrical equipment can be connected to the main electricity supply syn socket, outlet American English2 bathDH a round flat piece of rubber used for stopping the water flowing out of a bath or sink the bath plug3 advertisement informalADVERTISE a way of advertising a book, film etc by mentioning it publicly, especially on television or radioput/get in a plug (for something) During the show she managed to put in a plug for her new book.4 in an engine informalTTC the part of a petrol engine that makes a spark, which makes the petrol start burning syn spark plug Change the plugs every 10,000 miles.5 pull the plug (on something)6 to fill a hole an object or substance that is used to fill or block a hole, tube etcplug of You can fill any holes with plugs of matching wood. earplug7 for holding screwsDHTB British English a small plastic tube put in a hole to hold a screw tightly8 a piece of somethingPIECE a piece of something pressed tightly together a plug of tobacco
Examples from the Corpus
plugEvery morning the chemicals in your anti-perspirant react with your sweat to form a plug.And it comes with a removable air filter, an extra long cable, fitted plug and a two year guarantee.Messages for the intelligent plug are carried by signals on the house wiring.Gee made two more plugs yesterday.Ear defenders: Are supplied in the form of plug or fibre ear inserts or earphone types which fully enclose the ear.The distance between them is like the gap of a spark plug.Busted cord probably, or the plugs went bad.If I ever get that way, just pull the plug.Practically, the banks are not wishing to pull the plug.Where's the plug in here?the plug on the electric blanketHe sleeps with plugs in his ears.bath plugWell, I did have running water; when I pulled the bath plug it ran all over the floor.