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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpocketbookpock‧et‧book /ˈpɒkətbʊk $ ˈpɑː-/ noun [countable]  1 American English the amount of money that you have, or your ability to pay for things syn pocket British English The aim was to provide a car for every age and pocketbook. Older voters are most concerned about pocketbook issues (=that concern money).2 American English old-fashionedDC a handbag3 American English old-fashionedD a wallet4 TCN British English old-fashioned a notebook
Examples from the Corpus
pocketbookFour million copies have been distributed in a pocketbook form.She clutches her pocketbook nervously and squints into the shadows.She takes car keys out of her pocketbook.But hardly able to stand such an insult, she returns, mightily testing both his faith and his pocketbook.They turn my pocketbook all out.Decisions made in any of these places can hit our pocketbooks and our peace of mind, for better or for worse.Arizona voters checked their pocketbooks, looked for a fresh face and embraced Steve Forbes on Tuesday.