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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpointerpoint‧er /ˈpɔɪntə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 adviceADVISE a useful piece of advice or information that helps you to do or understand something syn tippointer on Ralph gave me some pointers on my golf swing.practical/useful/helpful pointers a few useful pointers about using the technique2 sign British EnglishSHOW/BE A SIGN OF something that shows how a situation is developing, or is a sign of what might happen in the future syn indicatorpointer to an encouraging pointer to an improvement in the economy The local elections were seen as a pointer to the general elections.3 computer the small symbol, usually an arrow, that you move using a computer’s mouse to point to the place on the screen where you want to work, start a program etc Position the mouse pointer and click.4 stickD a long stick used to point at things on a map, board etc5 shows number/direction etcTD a thin piece of metal that points to a number or direction on a piece of equipment, for example on a measuring instrument The pointer was between 35 and 40 pounds.6 dogHBA a hunting dog that stands very still and points with its nose to where birds or animals are hiding
Examples from the Corpus
pointerEach node comprises information about which letter is allowed as well as pointers to child and sister nodes.The file pointer is incremented after the byte has been written.General Peckam swung his pointer across the map of Italy.I believe that they provide one pointer, indicating a certain essential role for quantum mechanics in the understanding of mental phenomena.I gave him some pointers on his stance and swing.Players win the amount of money shown by the pointer when the wheel stops moving.Move the pointer to the program's icon and double click.The pointer also serves as an instant screen blanker.practical/useful/helpful pointersAt rest male's yellow wings and in flight white underwing contrasting strongly with black belly are useful pointers.