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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpolepole1 /pəʊl $ poʊl/ ●●● W3 noun [countable]  1 stick/postD a long stick or post usually made of wood or metal, often set upright in the ground to support something a telephone pole2 HEGSGthe most northern or most southern point on a planet, especially the Earth the distance from pole to equatorthe North/South Pole Amundsen’s expedition was the first to reach the South Pole.3 be poles apart4 opposite ideas/beliefsOPPOSITE/REVERSE one of two situations, ideas, or opinions that are the complete opposite of each otherat one pole/at opposite poles We have enormous wealth at one pole, and poverty and misery at the other. Washington and Beijing are at opposite poles (=think in two completely different ways) on this issue.5 electrical a) HPone of two points at the ends of a magnet where its power is the strongest b) HPEone of the two points at which wires can be attached to a battery in order to use its electricity
Examples from the Corpus
poleChain mail was made first by coiling links around a pole and then fully constructed by interlinking.a fishing polea flag poleAlexei dragged his coat off what remained of the lantern pole.At one pole in the debate is keeping our personal freedoms, and at the other is reducing crime.Pike pole with D-shaped handles is extended for victim to reach.They begin to go through motions of dancing, holding on to the steel poles that support the ceiling, jerking mechanically.They like roosting on telegraph poles.The top of the pole had been severed, and his hat had fallen out of sight into the space below the staging.Amundsen's expedition was the first to reach the pole.The other boy walked around the house poking the walls with a thick pole.When he looked down he felt as if his own feet were stuck in the soft muck like two poles.the North/South PoleJoseph Harker Is there anything intrinsically upward about the north pole?Once into the southern hemisphere the lines of latitude would become shorter and finally vanish at the south pole.He's also planned a route to the south pole of Mars.