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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishregimenre‧gi‧men /ˈredʒɪmɪn/ noun [countable]  formalDM a special plan of food, exercise etc that is intended to improve your health syn regimeregimen of a regimen of morning stretching exercises Patients maintain a strict dietary regimen.
Examples from the Corpus
regimenThey are labour intensive, however, and complex to perform on a large scale, for example, in clinical regimens.He came back with a carefully designed regimen for him-self and monthly appointments to return for check-ins.Reintroduction of food after elemental regimens must nevertheless be undertaken with the greatest of care irrespective of whether or not elimination diets are used.a fitness regimenEven if you are on an appropriate medication regimen, you may still get an occasional asthma attack.UC-San Diego questioned whether she had the intelligence to follow through with the difficult post-operative regimen.Nevertheless, the stringent regimen that was normality for many - even in a lavish burg - was staggering back towards normal.Her training regimen, which is now in full swing for Boston, involves a daily run of 5 to 8 miles.It would be tragic if World Bank assistance is used to pursue the ineffective treatment regimen.