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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsilver paperˌsilver ˈpaper noun [uncountable] British English  Dpaper that is shiny like metal on one side, and is used for wrapping foodfoil
Examples from the Corpus
silver paperThey passed the last-minute shoppers loaded down with gifts wrapped in gold and silver paper rushing toward their high-rise condos.He was waiting while his vivid red roses were wrapped in the distinctive lilac and silver paper.She collected old newspapers and milk-bottle tops and silver paper for the Girl Guides.Cherries, chocolates, walnuts, and anything in silver paper - Henry always wanted the best of anything and everything.I remember he gave me a piece of toffee wrapped in silver paper.He had wrapped the damned box with the shiny silver paper and a white ribbon with a bow.Bottle tops, silver paper and tin cans are the last things you should throw away.