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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstakestake1 /steɪk/ ●○○ noun  1 at stake2 company/business [countable]SHARE if you have a stake in a business, you have invested money in ithold/have a stake in something He holds a 51% stake in the firm.3 have a stake in something4 money risked [countable] money that you risk as the result of a horse race, card game etc For a dollar stake, you can win up to $1,000,000.5 high stakes6 pointed stick [countable]D a pointed piece of wood, metal etc, especially one that is pushed into the ground to support something or mark a particular place tent stakes Drive two stakes into the ground about three feet apart.7 the stake8 in the popularity/fashion etc stakes9 (be prepared to) go to the stake for/over something10 pull up stakes
Examples from the Corpus
stakeShe went into business by acquiring a stake in a copper mine in Australia.This is partly because of the importance of the interests at stake in immigration decisions: personal safety and liberty.The teacher himself, of course, has his job, his reputation and possibly his marriage at stake.There was simply too much at stake to leave things to chance.As part of labor concession agreements with other airlines, the Airline Pilots Association has sought an equity stake in USAir.The American investor boosted his stake in the company to 15%.China has a major stake in the project.Its main partner is Scandinavian Broadcasting Systems, a media firm in which Disney has a 23 percent stake.The move puts off a decision on the question for at least several months, but it may well raise the stakes.hold/have a stake in somethingDow Jones and Intel also have stakes in Sohu.Both countries have a stake in using the World Trade Organization and in not allowing trade disputes to poison bilateral relations.Many have a stake in the present system.We want all our people to share in growing prosperity and to have a stake in the country's future.Pharmaceuticals and health-products firms, which have a stake in Medicaid and Medicare reforms, $ 1. 3 million.The decisions will be made at the appropriate level by those who have a stake in them.And the more you borrow, the more the bank will have a stake in your success.They reasoned that, if neither main party won a commanding majority, both would have a stake in negotiating rather than fighting.