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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstalkstalk1 /stɔːk $ stɒːk/ noun [countable]  1 rose.jpg HBPa long narrow part of a plant that supports leaves, fruits, or flowers celery stalks2 DTHIN OBJECT OR MATERIALa thin upright object3 somebody’s eyes are out on stalks
Examples from the Corpus
stalkBut tonight he would like to have something equivalent to a stalk of bananas to purchase, circa 1910.The column stalks are fine: indicators, lights and horn on the left, wipers on the right.Two flowers usually develop on each stalk.One parent plant can provide up to twenty new ones from four to five stalks during the vegetative period.If possible, flowers from different floral stalks should be used.He was now holding long stalks of fresh herbs which he dipped into the Holy Water.Put the mushrooms to one side and chop the stalks.Peel and quarter the stalks lengthways.The next time up the stalk, Jack stole a hen that laid golden eggs.