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switchswitch2 ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 on/offSWITCH ON OR OFF a piece of equipment that starts or stops the flow of electricity to a machine, light etc when you push it Where’s the light switch? an on–off switchpress/flick/throw etc a switch Tom flicked the switch, but nothing happened. She claims she is willing to throw the switch of the electric chair.at the flick of a switch (=very quickly and easily, by pressing a switch) Petrol can be chosen at the flick of a switch.2 changeCHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER [usually singular] a complete change from one thing to another an important policy switchswitch from/to the switch from agriculture to dairy productionswitch in a switch in emphasis More shoppers are making the switch to organic food.that’s a switch American English spoken informal (=used to say that someone’s behaviour is different from usual) ‘Ed’s the only one who’s not eating.’ ‘That’s a switch!’3 railway American English a piece of railway track that can be moved to allow a train to cross over from one track to another4 stickD old-fashioned a thin stick that bends easilyCOLLOCATIONSverbspress a switchHe pressed a switch on the wall and the door opened.flick/flip a switch (=move it so something starts or stops)You start the fan by just flipping this switch.throw a switch (=move it so something starts or stops, especially something big)Could a nuclear war really be started by someone just throwing a switch?ADJECTIVES/NOUN + switch a light switchHe reached for the light switch.a dimmer switch (=a switch that can change the brightness of a light)an on-off switchI couldn’t find the on-off switch.the power switchThey have reverted to placing the mains power switch at the back of the unit.the mains switch (=one that controls the supply of electricity to a house)The mains switch is located inside a cupboard near the front door.phrasesat the flick/touch of a switch (=very quickly and easily, with a switch)The advantages of having electricity available at the flick of a switch are obvious.
Examples from the Corpus
switchFor example, if the price of metal rises too high there may be a switch to plastic.Then, he flicked a switch and stood well back.There is a board in the reception office, cashier's office and housekeeper's office with a switch in every bedroom.A switch to complete different new foods may cause stomach upsets.Jim walked over to the overhead, placed a transparency on it, and flicked on the lamp switch.a light switchAdditional features include an IrDA interface for wireless connection and a locking switch for printer transport.Where's the power switch?His sudden switches of mood are difficult to deal with.In a surprise switch, he heads into soft-edged landscape in a fifth work.All other flying leads for the switches and indicators are at low voltage and these can be soldered directly to the p.c.b.The switch from political activity to family life was hard to handle.The switch to a free market economy will not be easy.at the flick of a switchThese days about 15 percent of our energy is obtained at the flick of a switch.making the switchEven previously committed invertebrate labs like Alkon's Hermissenda group were making the switch.