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tagtag2 verb (tagged, tagging) [transitive]  1 Dto attach a tag to something Each bird was tagged and released into the wild.2 to give someone or something a name or title, or describe them in a particular waybe tagged (as) something The country no longer wants to be tagged as a Third World nation.3 to attach a tag in a computer program or document All the words are tagged with their part of speech.4 informalWRITE to illegally paint your name on a wall, vehicle etc5 American English to touch someone you are chasing in a game, especially to touch someone with the ball in baseball tag along tag on→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
tagAlthough it's specifically marketed for use with antiques, there's no end to the kind of property it can tag.One of them was with Red Carlson, the heavyweight who tagged after Tony through his good years.Your training wheels were still on, I remember that, and you sort of tagged along behind them.Three other wanderers, not quite so dazed, allowed Billy to tag along.His teammates have tagged him with a second nickname.I tagged his car, which, in turn, tagged the guardrail and flipped over.This grammatical tag must be compatible with those that the corpus was tagged with.Reyes tagged Thompson out at home plate.be tagged (as) somethingAs passed by the House and agreed to by the Senate, the bill allowed only plastic explosives to be tagged.These three writers are tagged as representatives of two hardly very different types or crisis-fancying, Third Worldly literary tourist.For instance, the first subsection of Chapter 2 is tagged as Section 2.1.Tino Martinez was tagged out by it.They were tagged with colour-coded labels bearing experiment numbers and feeding instructions.Each word is tagged with its grammatical category.This grammatical tag must be compatible with those that the corpus was tagged with.