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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwinetwine1 /twaɪn/ noun [uncountable]  twine.jpg Dstrong string made by twisting together two or more threads or strings a bundle of papers tied up with twine
Examples from the Corpus
twineStreets and squares had only just been marked out with pegs and twine amid the clutter.No handy planks of wood, no convenient lengths of baler twine kindly left behind by a farmer.Inside the chicken run - mesh bed bases tied with baling twine - the hens nested in a fridge.The parcel was substantial, tightly wrapped in brown paper, crisscrossed by waxed brown twine with many knots.She cut through the tight bonds of twine, the shiny brown wrappings, with Léonie's penknife.Stones and shells, slung on twine, rattled.This lamb's leg was tangled with twine and swollen so badly it had to be put down.