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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishumbrellaum‧brel‧la /ʌmˈbrelə/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 umbrella.jpg Dan object that you use to protect yourself against rain or hot sun. It consists of a circular folding frame covered in clothparasol It started to rain, so Tricia stopped to put up her umbrella. I spent the day on the beach, lying under a beach umbrella, reading.2 umbrella organization/group/agency etc3 umbrella term/word/title etc4 (come/work etc) under the umbrella of something5 PROTECTthe protection given by a powerful country, army, a weapons system etc the American nuclear umbrella over western Europe
Examples from the Corpus
umbrellaIt might be thought of as an umbrella question which is answered by answering a series of minor questions.La Raza is an umbrella group of almost 200 Hispanic advocacy groups.Richard is walking down the street without an umbrella.The mill produced countless products for Woolworths, such as umbrella and kitchen utensil handles, and broom heads.She let her umbrella fall to the ground and, holding the flowers out of harm's way, embraced him.He nodded at me, flustered with his usual shyness, and fidgeted with his umbrella and briefcase.These countries have prospered under the U.S. military umbrella.Railinfrabeheer which handles maintenance would also come under the department's umbrella, but both companies could be privately owned.put up ... umbrellaWhen it rains, people put up umbrellas.She had to put up her umbrella at once against the rain.