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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvialvi‧al /ˈvaɪəl/ (also phial British English) noun [countable] formal  vial.jpg TDa very small bottle used for medicine, perfume etc
Examples from the Corpus
vialIt took 35 vials of anti-venom to save his life.In the end it took 52 vials before the reaction stopped, but we saved the guy s arm.a vial of pure cinnamon oilThey will mate in vials and breed in a couple of weeks.The longer they stayed in the vial, the hotter they became.Of course, she knew the minute the vial was opened because the aroma was very strong.In his rear-view mirror Jed saw the vial being passed round.Which I believe makes it that much more powerful than showing the vial and whatever.Each is paid $ 40 to give an hourlong interview and donate two vials of blood.