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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwaste paperˌwaste ˈpaper noun [uncountable]  DRUBBISH/WASTEpaper that has been used and thrown away
Examples from the Corpus
waste paperPitch fibre pipes are made from waste paper and other fibres soaked in pitch.Accumulations of waste paper are being collected and put into red polythene liners which are collected by the cleaners.Was lying beside dustbins and boxes of waste paper, just inside the locked gates to the yard.She wiped it frantically on a piece of waste paper, and threw the crumpled paper as far away as she could.I have not found one cigarette end or one piece of waste paper.The success of the system depends essentially on the segregation of waste paper for separate collection.Lily put them, unhesitatingly, in the waste paper bin.Wicker waste paper baskets and bathroom sponges are guaranteed to be disintegrated at an alarming rate if left in the open.