Language: Old English
Origin: belle


bell S2 W3 [countable]
1DT a piece of electrical equipment that makes a ringing sound, used as a signal or to get someone's attention
ring/press the bell
He rang the bell and waited for someone to answer the door.
She walked up the path and rang the door bell.
a bell rings/goes
The bell went and everyone rushed out of the classroom.
2RD a hollow metal object like a cup with a piece of metal hanging inside it, which makes a ringing noise when it moves or you shake it:
church bells

give somebody a bell

TCT British English spoken to telephone someone:
I must give Vicky a bell later.
4 something that is shaped like a bell:
the bell of a flower

➔ alarm bells ring

at alarm1 (5)

; ➔ as clear as a bell

at clear1 (10), diving bell

; ➔ ring a bell

at ring2 (4)

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