2 noun
1 [countable] an act of catching a ball that has been thrown or hit:
Hey! Nice catch!
2 [countable usually singular] informal a hidden problem or difficulty:
This deal looks too good to be true - there must be a catch somewhere.
the catch is (that)
The catch is that you can't enter the competition unless you've spent $100 in the store.
3 [countable]D a hook or something similar for fastening a door or lid and keeping it shut
4 [countable]TA a quantity of fish that has been caught at one time
5 [uncountable]DG a simple game in which two or more people throw a ball to each other:
Let's go outside and play catch.

a catch in your voice/throat

a short pause that you make when you are speaking because, you feel upset or are beginning to cry:
There was a catch in Anne's voice and she seemed close to tears.

a (good) catch

someone who is a good person to have a relationship with or to marry because they are rich, attractive etc - often used humorously

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