Sense: 1-4
Date: 1500-1600
Origin: Perhaps from flag, name of a kind of flower.
Sense: 5
Date: 1400-1500
Language: Old Norse
Origin: flaga


1 noun
flag1 [countable]
1D a piece of cloth with a coloured pattern or picture on it that represents a country or organization:
Children waving flags greeted the Russian leader.
the flag of Kenya
the Spanish flag
a flag is flying (=a flag is shown on a pole)
Flags were flying at half-mast because of the death of the Premier.
2 a coloured piece of cloth used in some sports as a signal or as a sign showing the position of something:
The flag went down, and the race began.
a free kick near the corner flag (=flag on a football pitch)

the flag

an expression meaning a country or organization and its beliefs, values, and people:
loyalty to the flag

keep the flag flying

to achieve success on behalf of your country in a competition:
Bristol kept the flag flying for English rugby with this win.
5TB a flagstone

➔ fly the flag

at fly1 (13)

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