1 noun
ma‧te‧ri‧al1 S1 W1
1 [uncountable and countable]TIMD cloth used for making clothes, curtains etc [= fabric]:
curtain material
scraps of material
a cape made of a soft material
2 [uncountable and countable]TI a solid substance such as wood, plastic, or metal:
materials like wood or stone
organic/plant material
Animals depend on plant material for food.
a paper company which imports raw materials (=substances which have not been treated) from North America.
recycled material
3 [uncountable] also materials [plural]T the things that are used for making or doing something
reading/writing etc material(s)
Videos often make good teaching material.
artists' materials
4 [uncountable] information or ideas used in books, films etc:
His act contains a lot of new material.
material for
Anita is collecting material for a novel.
the raw material (=information that has not been carefully examined) for an article

officer/executive etc material

someone who is good enough for a particular job or position:
He's a good soldier, but not really officer material.

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